Honduras is the second biggest country in Central America, known for the Mayan sites, colonial villages, natural parks, beaches , snorkeling and diving. Most travelers arrive by way of air, landing on San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa or Roatan. Once in the country, travelers have quite a lot of choices to get between destinations: domestic flights, trains (limited), buses , ferries or a rental car.

Arriving and Departing Honduras

When arriving in Honduras, travelers mostly use: Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP) in San Pedro Sula, Toncontín International Airport (TGU) in Tegucigalpa and Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport(RTB) in Roatan. These are the most used international airports in the country.

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Arriving and departing San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras and home to the busiest airport in the country: Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP). It is located 11 km from the city center and is not hub for any airline. The airport handles direct flights to/from other countries in the Caribbean, as well as flights to/from the USA and domestic flights.

The city is connected to the other destinations in the country by bus.

Arriving and departing Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is the capital and the largest city in Honduras, home to Toncontín International Airport (TGU). It is located 6 km from the city center and is not hub for any airline. It is the second most dangerous airport in the world.

Compared to the airport serving San Pedro Sula, Toncontin handles fewer flights. However, there are direct flights to/from the USA, other countries in Central America , as well as domestic flights.

Buses connect the capital to the rest of the country.

Arriving and departing Roatan

Roatan is one of the Honduras Bay Islands , home to the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB). It mostly handles domestic flights, but there are also some international flights to/from the USA and Europe.

The island is connected to the mainland by ferries.




Getting around Honduras

Honduras is not a very small country, so you will need to use various means of transportation to get around. Those with not a lot of time on their hands, prefer to fly between places, while others would rather take a slower approach and use the by land or water options.

From the airport to the city center

In Tegucigalpa, you can either negotiate the cab fare or use a rental car to get from the airport to the city center.

In San Pedro Sula, you can take the bus from the airport directly to Copan (and visit the Mayan ruins), as well as connect to Roatan and other beach areas near-by.

From one city to another

Driving in Honduras

It is not a bad idea to rent a car when you visit Honduras. However, remember that if you are used to driving in the US, Honduras will be challenging. Drive defensively and remember that the speed limits are in metric system. The roads are in good condition — especially the main roads connecting the major cities, but if you want to drive in remote areas, make sure to rent a 4×4 car.

Bus Travel in Honduras

Chicken buses are the choice when getting between the cities in Honduras. They are inexpensive, run frequently and go everywhere. The toilets are an issue, so take it easy on the liquids before and during the ride as you might need to wait quite a while before there’s a stop for this purpose.

Train Travel in Honduras

Railroads have been built in the northern lowlands by two competing banana growers, but they never expended to the capital or other major cities. Right now, there’s a city rail in La Ceiba — connecting between downtown and a suburb- and a link between La Unión and Parque Nacional Cuero y Salado, offering transportation for the tourists visiting the national park.

Ferry Travel in Honduras

There are ferries connecting La Ceiba and the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila . Service to Roatan is cheaper than flying and is also really comfortable (AC, flat screen TV). The ferry crossing takes 80 min. The ferry crossing to Utila takes 60 min.

Flying in Honduras

Honduras has quite a lot of airports, but only 7 of them handle scheduled passenger services on commercial airlines. Aside from the three main used airports of San Pedro Sula, Roatan and Tegucigalpa, travelers can also fly into: Brus Laguna, Guanaja, La Ceiba, Puerto Lempira and Utila. It’s often useful to check the flight prices vs the ferry tickets when you need to get to Roatan and/or Utila.

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Public Transportation

In Tegucigalpa, you can use the buses to get around. The stops aren’t labeled but a group of people waiting means there will be a bus stopping there.

In San Pedro Sula, you can tackle the city center of foot, while for the rest of the city, the buses are the way to go.

In Roatan, you can use the buses or the water taxis to get around.

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