Utila is the smallest of the three major islands in the Honduras Bay Islands group. Also part of the group are: Roatan , Guanaja and the Hog Islands. Utila is well known for the diving spots but there also some lovely hiking opportunities available.

How to get to

If you prefer to fly, you can get to Utila via either Roatan or San Pedro Sula. Roatan is served by Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB), while San Pedro Sula is served by Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP). From either airport you can catch a domestic flight to Utila Airport (UII).

Alternatively, catch a bus from either city to La Ceiba and then a ferry to Utila. The ferry crossing takes about an hour and there are two crossings per day. There’s also a direct catamaran service from Roatan.




Flights and Accommodation

Just like in the rest of the Caribbean, the high season lasts between December and March, when both the flights to Honduras and the accommodation are at their highest. However, you can visit the island any time of the year, hence saving some money if you choose to travel during the low season.

Accommodation is plentiful, ranging from budget places to luxury resorts. You can expect to pay from US$65 per night at a dive resort (in August).

Things to do

Just like Roatan, Utila has some of the best diving spots in the Caribbean. Divers are pleased to find the Whale Shark here. Plus, Utila has always been known as a backpackers destination, hence a budget place to visit.

Although Utila is not known for its beaches, there’s also good snorkeling available. And you can always try the kayaking skills.

If you’d rather spend time outside the water and away from the beach, there are lovely hiking opportunities in the area. Pumpkin Hill offers and Bat Cave are two of the highlights for those choosing to go hiking. Pumpkin Hill is an extinct volcano, rising 80 m above the island, so you get interesting views, too.

Photo by Micah & Erin

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