Package holidays

mid-autumn festivalAsia’s most fascinating destination, Hong Kong is also one of the most expensive. Especially for the European and North American traveler, a vacation in Hong Kong would probably be a once in a life time opportunity considering the prices. But, that’s where package holidays (or inclusive tours) come in handy.

What are package holidays?

Package holidays, also known as inclusive tours, are defined by law as a pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following components —transport, accommodation and other tourist services- for sale at inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than 24 hour or includes over night accommodation.


One of the main advantages is the price. A package holiday always cost less than if you buy the components separately. That happens because travel agencies get bulk discounts when they rent the rooms in hotels. Most often, you will end up with a really good price for a luxury vacation, thanks to all the discounts offered.




Another advantage is taking the stress off your shoulders. Everything is booked so won’t have to worry about the flight or hotel room. You just need to show up on time (in case the travel agency hasn’t arranged for a home pick up service).


Depending on the package, you might not have a lot of independence. However, some packages allow a “free day” when you don’t have a set plan and you can do whatever you want. Also, most packages include other services only if you choose to buy them so unless you really want to visit a particular place, you can use that time to go to a different location.

Sample package holidays for Hong Kong

One of the most popular inclusive tour is “Shopping Package”. That makes sense because Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to go shopping. Shopping packages are very popular —and affordable — during the winter sales. For example, 5 nights in Hong Kong, the airplane tickets and visits to the most important land marks cost about US$ 1,200 per person (until March 2008).

Equality popular are the vacation packages during the most important festivals. Some travel agents prefer to combine other destinations in China with a stop in Hong Kong —either for sightseeing or shopping-, hence there is the possibility to book historical package vacations or cruises.

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