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Hong Kong tramWith an incredible mix of Chinese and British culture, Hong Kong is one of the most interesting and exotic places to visit. It’s important to realize that no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to see everything when you first come to Hong Kong. A good idea is to write a must-see / must-do list and choose one of the Hong Kong tours which comprise those locations.

Airfare to Hong Kong

When planning a visit to a foreign country, the first thing to consider is the plane ticket. Because Hong Kong is located at rather long distance both from Europe and North America, the plane tickets tend to be on the pricey side. However, planning a trip well in advance will obviously lower these costs.

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Where to stay in Hong Kong

Choosing the appropriate accommodation can make or break a vacation. Staying in a hotel is the most expensive option although 5 star hotels tend to be less expensive than in Europe or North America. Hostels, guest houses and B&Bs are the perfect choices for the budget traveler provided you won’t mind a small room.




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Getting around Hong Kong

Fortunately, Hong Kong has a highly developed and sophisticated transport network. As much as 90% of the daily travels are on public transport, making it the highest in the world. You must purchase an Octopus card —a rechargeable smart card used to transfer online and offline payments —to pay the fares on most trains, buses, trams and are even accepted at parking meters.

The underground is the fastest way to get from one area to another but you will miss the scenery. The most important (and busiest) line for the travelers is the Tsuen Wan Line linking the center to Kowloon and New Territories.

Hong Kong Island is dominated by hilly terrain but that’s not an issue since there is an extensive system of free escalators and moving pavements.

Hong Kong has a very efficient train network, connecting all the city areas. The trains are operated by MTR Corporation Limited (MTR). In addition to the trains, there is a tram system which operates exclusively with double deckers and is available only on part of Hong Kong Island. The funicular railway carries both travelers and locals to the upper levels of Hong Kong Island, being the best way to get to Victoria Peak (tip: the views aren’t to be ignored either!).

The bus service has a very long history in Hong Kong and continues to provide excellent links between the city areas. Where the bus lines don’t operate, you will find public light buses, also known as minibuses. There are the red minibuses which have numbers and regular routes and the green minibuses which may or may not have numbers and/or regular routes.

Package Holidays

A package holiday is a great alternative if you prefer to sacrifice the independence but gain a lot of discounts. Comprising the airplane ticket, accommodation and other services (day trips, sightseeing tours), a package holiday is an excellent choice to explore Hong Kong without worrying whether you booked the right flight or how you’d get to the hotel.

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