China is at once as varied and as homologous as a country can be, and is therefore one of the most fascinating places to visit on earth. This huge country also boasts a long and interesting history, with feats of engineering, architecture and art which are still considered monumental today and which occurred while much of the rest of the world was wallowing in the mud. Yes, a visit to China will keep you slack-jawed – in a good way.

Travel through China is less expensive than travel through, say, France or the USA, but it is always good to save money where you can when traveling so that you can make your trip last longer. Plus, staying in the overly sanitized four- and five-star hotels which have cropped up all over China will not let you experience anything of the real China. If you always stay in those Western-style hotels you might as well not leave the West. So where should you stay? We recommend staying in a China hostel when you go. And with our lists of the best hostels in China, you should have no trouble finding the perfect spot to lay your head each night.




The first city we have finished is the list of the best hostels in Hong Kong. We have begun with one of China’s special administrative regions because it is a popular tourist destination, but check back soon to find more lists in the following cities:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai

We also have lists for the best hostels in the most visited cities all over the world, so before your next trip be sure to check our Hostel Blog for information on that city’s best hostels, too!

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