Edinburgh in the summertime feels like one huge non-stop party – and it kind of is. But even during what might normally be called the “low season,” this Scottish city is still buzzing. And while the city might have what seems like plenty of hostels, they can fill up fast – especially during the summer festivals – so you will want to book well in advance. But how will you choose from all the Edinburgh hostels available? How do you know which ones are really as great as their advertising says? It is easy now with our list of the best Edinburgh hostels.

What we have done with this list of the best Edinburgh hostels is read the reviews from several of the most in-the-know outlets in the travel industry as well as the reviews of one of the best sources of information that exists – other travelers just like you. Armed with all of that information, we are able to give you a list of the most popular hostels in Edinburgh, and tell you why each one makes the list. This allows you to skip over most of the hostels and go straight to the top, saving you time and the heartache of staying in a bad hostel.

Here is the list of our picks for the best hostels in Edinburgh. Each one is a link to a description about that hostel, including information about where it is located in the city and what amenities they offer for free. And if none of these hostels fits the bill for your Edinburgh vacation, that is okay – you will just need to invest some time to read about all the other hostels in Edinburgh on your own!




Edinburgh’s Best Hostels

It is important to remember that the specific properties which make these hostels each one of the best hostels in Edinburgh is going to be different with each one. One might be where the party people go and where no one sleeps at night. Another might be more like a B&B than a hostel and offer a peaceful retreat to travelers. You just need to be clear on what qualities will suit you best so that you will know when you find the hostel whose personality matches your own.

We hope this list of Edinburgh’s best hostels helps you save time planning your Edinburgh holiday. Have a fantastic time in Edinburgh, and if you need more information for your trip you can find what you need in the Edinburgh Travel Guide.

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