There are many interesting countries in Europe, thanks to a long and varied history in each, but Germany offers something different – in Germany you can get a look at historic events which took place in the recent past, a period of time some of you might even remember watching on television. It is a country which is still being rebuilt and reborn, so every time you visit it will be slightly different. And all this renewal activity has made it recently a very popular tourist destination.

So where will you stay when you visit Germany? Hostels offer the best value and are very common throughout Germany’s big cities, but which one should you stay in? The choices are virtually endless, and you do not have time to research all of them – which is why we created our lists of the best hostels in Germany.




Thus far we have completed a list of the best hostels in Munich, home of the annual Oktoberfest, and the best hostels in Berlin. We will be adding to this list bit by bit, to include the following cities:

  • Cologne
  • Hamburg

We will also be adding new cities across Europe to our best hostels section. You can keep up with the new cities we have added by checking the Hostel Blog home page.

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