Hong Kong

To say that Hong Kong is a multi-faceted city is a gross understatement. So long under British rule, this Special Administrative Region of China is still working to reconcile its British and Chinese sides. For visitors, this presents an interesting look at an established city reinventing itself. Unfortunately, much of Hong Kong is extremely expensive, so sleeping cheap is definitely a must in order to stretch your travel budget further. Hong Kong is full of hostels and guest houses, but many of them are rather dodgy. This is where our list of the best hostels in Hong Kong comes in very handy.

Rather than force you to read through pages of travel guide books or countless online reviews, we have done the hard work for you. We have compiled our list of the best hostels in Hong Kong based on input from some of the travel industry’s leading sources as well as reviews written by real travelers just like you. Armed with this information, you can narrow your selection of possible hostels down to just the top-rated places and put your valuable time to a more worthwhile use. Like shoe shopping for instance, or changing the oil in your car. Whatever suits you.

Below you will find our list of Hong Kong’s best hostels – by clicking each name you will pull up a description of that hostel, including its location in the city (especially as it relates to tourist attractions or public transportation) and the amenities they offer (especially the free ones!). By reading through these descriptions you will be able to figure out which hostel’s personality most closely matches your own, and whether it meets all your needs. Of course, if you still do not find what you are looking for, never fear – there are plenty more Hong Kong hostels to choose from, you will just have to do more reading!




Hong Kong’s Best Hostels

Keep in mind that each hostel above has qualified for this list for a different reason. They are not all party hostels, although some might be. They are not all super cheap and nothing but the basics, but some might be. It is up to you to read through each description to see which among these popular Hong Kong hostels is the one which is best suited to your needs and preferences. Also keep in mind that many of the so-called “mansions” along Nathan Road have a history of being rather run-down, so if you choose to stay there (they are some of the cheapest beds in the city) be sure to get a look at the room before you agree to pay for it.

We hope our list of Hong Kong’s best hostels helped you save time in your vacation planning, and we hope you have a great trip to Hong Kong! If you need anything else for your visit, be sure to check our Hong Kong Travel Guide for travel tips and resources.

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