There are times when Ireland holds more tourists than residents. That is not just a rumor, it is actually true. And all those travelers have great reasons to visit this beautiful green island, and they all need affordable places to sleep – especially in an expensive city like Dublin.

So to help you choose what hostel will get your business, we are working on lists of Ireland’s best hostels. This means you will not have to read the hundreds of hostel descriptions in the system, nor will you pull your hair out scouring the internet and guide books for reviews of each one. We have done the work for you. So far, we have posted our list of the best hostels in Dublin, and eventually we hope to add the following cities to the list as well:



  • Cork
  • Galway

We will also be adding new European cities to our best hostels database. You can keep track of what is new by checking our list of the best hostels.

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