Loftstel is the combination of the concepts of a New York loft and a hostel. The result is a hip hostel in Brooklyn that handles only long-term guests, mainly people who are apartment hunting or job searching in New York. The hostel is in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, better known as Bed-Stuy, and while it might not be the kind of charming Manhattan neighborhood you have read about, it is a great place to base yourself while you explore the New York area – whether you are looking to relocate or just enjoy the city for more than a few days.

Of course, just because Loftstel caters to long-term visitors does not mean you cannot book just a couple nights’ stay – you will just be getting a better deal the longer you stay. Short term stays can range widely in price, so be sure to check what the going rate is for a bunk bed – in the high season, the price can get extremely high if demand outstrips supply. There are 4-bunk rooms, 6-bunk rooms and 8-bunk rooms, in single sex and mixed dorms. People staying for only a few nights will probably get a bed in an 8-bunk room.

Some of the amenities you will find at Loftstel are:



  • Free linens and towels
  • Free internet access and free WiFi
  • Free laundry facilities at one building (coin-operated machines at other)
  • Free street parking
  • Guest kitchen
  • Luggage storage and security lockers
  • No lockout and no curfew
  • 24 hour reception and 24 hour check in

Staying at Loftstel, even if it is just for a few nights, will make you feel like you are living in New York. You will be surrounded by people who are working on living in this fantastic city, and making Loftstel their home in the meantime. So it is not surprising that the hostel has a very homey feel. The decor and backyard garden will make you feel like you are visiting someone’s house – even if the house is full of bunk beds.

The average stay at Loftstel is five weeks, but if you plan to be in New York for anything more than just a few days it can be a great – and economical – place to base yourself. This is especially true if you are hoping to visit more than just Manhattan.

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