Los Angeles

Los Angeles and its many famous area attractions might be popular tourist destinations for people the world over, but the city suffers from terrible urban sprawl and an abysmal public transportation system. All this makes it tough to really see everything there is to see in L.A., so choosing a place to sleep that is close to what you really want to see and do is a very good idea. And in a city as expensive as Los Angeles, it is also a good idea to save money by staying in a hostel. How do you know which hostel to choose? It is easy with our list of the best hostels in Los Angeles.

Now, you could spend hours online reading hostel descriptions and reviews, but we know you have better things to do – so we have done the research for you! With our list of the best hostels in Los Angeles, you can skip ahead to the most popular hostels in the area, as decided by both some of the travel industry’s leading voices as well as reviews written by real travelers just like you. So instead of reading every single hostel description out there, you can just read these few and know they are among the city’s best.

Just keep in mind that although each of these Los Angeles hostels is very popular, each will be popular for a different reason. One might be party headquarters, another might be quiet and tranquil. Only you know exactly what you are looking for in a hostel, so only you can decide which of these hostels will be right for you – think about it this way: If each hostel has a distinct personality, read the descriptions until you find the personality that matches your own!




Here is our list of Los Angeles’ best hostels – to learn more about each one, just click on the name. You will get to a description of the hostel, which includes its location in the city (very important when dealing with an enormous city like L.A.) and any amenities it offers (including freebies). These descriptions should help you decide which hostel to choose, but if you still do not find what you are looking for, never fear – there are more Los Angeles hostels out there, you will just have to do more reading!

Los Angeles’ Best Hostels

We really hope this list of Los Angeles’ best hostels saves you time with your vacation planning; please let us know if you think we can improve this list! Have a great time in L.A., and be sure to take a look at our Los Angeles Travel Guide for travel tips, stories and other fun stuff you might need for your trip.

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