Portugal might be the oft-forgotten country of the Iberian peninsula (if only Spain were smaller, it might not soak up all the limelight), but for those who travel through this small country Portugal shines. It is a gorgeous place with a unique culture and friendly people, and visitors can take advantage of its small size to really see all Portugal has to offer without traveling huge distances.

For many people, however, Portugal is not cheap to travel in – especially as the value of the Euro continues to rise. So a great way to stretch your travel budget is to stay in hostels during your trip. And to help you find the best hostels in the country, we have started our list of the best hostels in Lisbon. We will be adding more cities to this list as well, including:



  • Algarve
  • Porto

These lists will help you sort through the lesser properties to find the most popular and highest rated hostels in Portugal, saving you valuable time and money in your vacation planning. We are also continually adding more cities around the world to our best hostels series, including many in Europe, so be sure to check back with our list of the top hostels to see what is new.

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