San Francisco

Budget travelers have been pouring into the San Francisco area in droves for decades. The laid back attitude and variety of sights and attractions make it one of the country’s most interesting cities to visit – and although trips to San Francisco are getting more and more expensive, it is still possible to do San Francisco on the cheap. All you need to do is plan ahead a little bit and take advantage of the many ways budget travelers can save money. And the best way to save money when you travel, hands down, is by staying in a hostel.

The big question now is, which hostel will you stay in? San Francisco might not have the sheer number of hostels that a city like New York or Paris has, but there are still enough that narrowing it down to one can be a hassle. That is where our list of the best hostels in San Francisco comes in.

While you could spend your precious time online and leafing through guidebooks to determine which hostels are recommended and – more importantly – which ones sound like they are frequented by people like you. But we know how valuable your time is, so we have done the hard work for you. By using our list of the best hostels in San Francisco, you can rise above the fray and just focus on the San Francisco hostels that receive the highest ratings and most recommendations. We have done the research here, reading information from some of the travel industry’s leading sources as well as reviews written by other travelers just like you.




Of course, what makes each San Francisco hostel great is not necessarily going to be the same thing. While one hostel might be a quiet place where you can be left alone to enjoy the city, another might be all about guests getting together for pub crawls and parties. As long as you know which style will make you the most happy, you will be able to choose one easily from our list. Because even though each of these hostels is popular, that does not mean all of them will be ideal places for every traveler!

So, here is our list of San Francisco’s best hostels – by clicking on each hostel’s name from the list below, you will be able to read a brief description of the hostel, including its location in the city and any amenities (especially freebies) that are offered. From the descriptions, you should be able to find a hostel that suits your taste, your needs and your budget. But if you would like to look a little further, you can always hunt for more San Francisco hostels as well!

San Francisco’s Best Hostels

Our hope is that this list of San Francisco’s best hostels saves you time and headaches in the process of planning your vacation. Have a great trip to San Francisco, and be sure to take a look at our San Francisco Travel Guide for information and resources you might need for your trip.

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