Scotland has a reputation for warmth, but we are not talking about the weather. The rugged countryside is testament to the winds that blow here year-round. But the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people more than makes up for the blustery weather.

Sleeping in Scotland can get expensive, especially since the currency is still the British Pound and it is exceedingly strong (even agains the Euro), but there are plenty of hostels in Scotland to choose from. We hope that by creating a list of the best hostels in Scotland’s touristy cities we will help you choose the right one. So far, we have finished our list of the best hostels in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and most-visited city, but the list will not end here. Keep an eye out for the following cities to be added to our list:



  • Glasgow
  • Inverness

We will also keep adding new cities across Europe to our best hostels pages, too. You can keep track of the new additions on our list of the world’s top hostels.

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