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India is the seventh largest country by geographical area and also second most populous country in the world. To the south it is bounded by the India Ocean , to the south west by the Arabian Sea and to the south east by the Bay of Bengal. It has land borders with Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north east, Burma and Bangladesh to the east.

Here is an interactive map of India:

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Of course, this is a map for general reference. India is a large country and if you plan to drive while you are here, make sure to get some update maps before you embark on such a trip. You can either download them from specialized websites or buy them once you get to India. It’s important to get a map of the state or region you’ll be traveling in, because those are accurate and list smaller roads and facilities that aren’t listed on general country maps.

If you plan to do some sightseeing in Mumbai , for example, you can get this Mumbai City Map [folded map].

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