Getting around India is generally easy but not exactly efficient. The fastest way to tackle this large country is by plane but the fares are much higher than train or bus fares. So unless the budget is not an issue, you’ll be looking for trains and buses. Unfortunately, not all tourist destinations are served by railway, so in most cases you’ll have to deal with the buses.

Getting around India by plane

India has so many airports, it’s almost impossible not to find a connection, especially if you plan to travel on longer distances. But even with so many low cost carriers serving the country, the fares are much higher than train or bus fares.

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Getting around India by train

Without a doubt, the best way to see India is by train. On an express train the ride is very civilized and the trains are not crowded. So forget the image of people perched on top of the carriages. Plus, since you are traveling from city center to city center, trains can be more efficient than planes. Not to mention much cheaper.

Getting around India by bus

Traveling by bus is the most common way to get from point A to point B in India. Buses are available between large cities and the fares are definitely much cheaper than airfare. But a bus ride in India is bumpy, crowded and in many ways uncomfortable. If traveling in an “ordinary bus” then be careful with your belongings and luggage. And it’s also a good idea to travel by day only. “Deluxe buses” are about twice as expensive as the “ordinary buses” but the buses are comfortable, not crowded and safe.

Getting around India by car

It’s safe to say that driving in India is combination of doing your best and leave the rest on your insurance company. On a more serious note, driving in India is hectic and no one seems to apply the basic rules. If you plan to drive during the night be careful and expect well…anything to show up in front of you without any lights. So, it’s best to drive during the day. But don’t expect to see people signaling what they are up to.

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