2,000 Indonesian Islands May Disappear by 2030

Around 2000 islands in Indonesia may have disappeared by 2030 following an expected rise in the sea level, Yogyakarta Meteorology and Geophysics Office (BMG) chief Jaya Murjaya said. He said the disappearance of the islands and the rise in the sea level would also reduce the width of Indonesia`s land territory. Jaya Murjaya said the accumulation of global warming in the athmosphere and the thinning of the ozone layer would contribute to the rise in temperature on the earth`s surface according to Antara news.

“Up to 2030, the sea level will rise by eight to 29 centimeters and engulf around 2,000 islands in Indonesia,” Jaya Murjaya said in a National Geographic Seminar at the Yogyakarta State University (UNY).

“According to research, illegal human activities have contributed to the rise in the earth`s temperature which is caused by an increase in the concentration of gas emissions,” he said.




He said global warming would also change the system of air circulation not only on the earth`s surface but also in the athmosphere.

Jaya Murjaya said global warming would cause the ice layers at the North and South poles to melt and this in turn would lead to a continuous rise in the sea level.

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