Sleeping in Indonesia can take many forms, from hotels to hostels, B&Bs and vacation homes, plus plenty other more exotic places. You might be used to some of them, while others will probably raise an elbow before you read the description. Accommodation can be both very cheap and very expensive…and everything else in between. But do expect to rack up from $20 per night in a hostel (whether you stay in a private room or a dorm) and from $50 per night if you stay in a mid-range hotel.


Hotels in Indonesia , like anywhere else, vary depending on the number of stars. In larger cities, you can find hotels ranging from 1-star to 5-star. Look for accommodation in mid-range hotels (3-star) if your budget doesn’t allow for splurges. Sometimes, 1-star or 2-star hotels, can be hidden gems but lacking the typical chain-hotel facilities.

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Hostels in Indonesia are a good way to save money on accommodation. But do make sure to read the description carefully. Most hostels offer a limited number of private rooms, which means you can enjoy the privacy yet benefit from the socializing experience and the low fares.

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Vacation Rentals

Renting an apartment or villa during your vacation is an excellent way to share costs and enjoy the privacy of staying with your friends. Even if you plan a romantic getaway, vacation rentals can be good choice. You’ll have the intimacy you need and also enjoy the location at your own pace.

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