Car Rental Indonesia

Driving in Indonesia is not for everyone. If you haven’t drive in Asia before you might want to think twice before renting a car in Indonesia. Also, the traffic is on the left and the rules are different than in other countries (and often ignored). However, if you decide to explore the country in car, you should know that you need an International Driving License to drive here. Also, carry your driving license and a photo ID at all time.

Prices and cars

Since driving can be a nightmare in Indonesia, consider renting a car with driver. Large rental companies, such as Avis , have offices in Jakarta so you can book online and pick the car there.

Renting a car in Indonesia is not cheap at all. It is virtually impossible to rent compact cars , so you are left with SUVs and minivans. Prices for both start at US$250 per day, regardless of where you pick it up from. The insurance is included in the price. Even if you decide to rent the car at arrival and from a local agency, it will be cheaper.




Driving in Indonesia

If you are used to stay close to the road’s side so that other drivers can overtake your car, forget about it in Indonesia. Vehicles stay in the center of the road, pretty much owning it. When they need to make a turn, they get closer to the side.

The roads are typically bad and poorly signed, although they follow the European standard. The highways are in good condition, though. Unfortunately the rules aren’t obeyed either. Buy a map before driving and refrain from driving at night.

Generally, on 2-lane roads the speed limit is 80 km/h , while on 3-lane roads the speed limit is 100 km/h. On toll roads, the maximum speed is 60 km/h , but there also roads with a limit of 40 km/h. In towns, the speed limits vary, but sometimes you can see them signed at 60 km/h. In roundabouts, the traffic follows a clockwise route around the roundabout.

If you have the misfortune to be in an accident, it will be your fault. And you’ll be expected to pay for the damage.

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