East Nusa Tenggara

The group of islands east of Lombok are collectively known as East Nusa Tenggara and in all there are 556 islands, the three main islands being Sumba, Flores and West Timor. The smaller islands, and still of interest, include Komodo, Lembata, Rincah, Rote Island, Menipo and Solor. The geography of ENT (East Nusa Tenggara) is mountainous and with wide plateaus making it a great area for hikers and climbers alike. The lower lying areas are vast, open plains running down to the coast. The religion of this island chain is predominately Christian and this is surprising in an archipelago where Islam is the dominant religion.

The island of Sumba is renowned for its arts and handicrafts. In particular their textiles and the ikat method of weaving.

Flores has probably the most spectacular attractions out of the three main islands. The three lakes of varying colours on Gunung Kelimutu is a huge tourist attraction. Out of the three islands, Flores is the most volcanic in terrain.




West Timor is seen as not a tourist destination although the city of Kupang is an interesting place to visit.

Besides the three islands, probably the greatest attraction in ENT is Komodo island. It has become a veritable tourist destination where you can witness Komodo Dragons in their natural habitiat.

East Nusa Tenggara is an excellent destination for the adventurous traveller as it has some of the best dive locations in the archipelago as well as some of the greatest surf breaks, particularly on the island of Sumba.

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