Cheap Hotels in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and largest city in Indonesia. It is located on the island of Java. When it comes to finding accommodation in Jakarta, things start with deciding in which district to stay, since the city is huge. There are plenty of hotels available, ranging from budget hotels to mid-range and , of course, luxury hotels.

Central Jakarta offers three areas known as backpackers’ hangouts Jalan (street) Jaksa, Jalan Kebon Sirih and Jalan K H Wahid Hasyim where you can find both cheap hostels and cheap to mid-range hotels. West Jakarta (or the Chinatown) is museums, trading centers, nightlife entertainment centers, shopping centers and malls, as well as the Old Town but it’s very badly connected to the rest of the city, so staying here means you’ll pay a taxi to get somewhere else. In South Jakarta, mostly known as a residential and upscale area, there’s a backpackers’ hangout as well in Jl Jaksa. Just like in Central Jakarta, you can find both cheap hostels and mid-range hotels. North Jakarta , home to a lot of shopping centers, also offers some mid-range hotels to choose from.




Prices for rooms in budget hotels range between US$30 and US$50 depending on the location and the facilities offered. Mid range hotel rooms vary between US$50 and US$100 per night. For example for US$50 per night (discounted rate) you can stay in a 3-star hotel in Central Jakarta.

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