Why go to Indonesia?

Indonesia can be defined as a wonder of wonders. Keep on reading and you’ll find out why.

The first thing you need to know, is that Indonesia is one of those countries that is almost always a great value for travelers from the west. Whether you’re traveling with USD, Canadian money, Euros, or Australian Dollars, you’re going to find Indonesia affordable.

With so much to see and do, Indonesia is just a wonderfull place to discover and experience diversity.

Ready to be inspired by the possibilities?

With thousands of islands and hundreds of unique people groups, Indonesia isn’t just another country, it’s a place where you can get a life experience of cultural diversity. Be sure to get off the beaten path and learn How to Travel Like a Local.




One example of that off the beaten path cross cultural exchange? Attending a Funeral in Tana Toraja.

Tips: Take cigarettes as a gift for the family. Remember to roll your rice balls with your right hand. Be prepared to take some of the most up close and personal graphic photographs of water buffalo sacrifice of your life. Film doesn’t quite capture the smell.

Explore Indonesia by Motorbike. Oh yes. You want to do this. But only if you’re a confident driver. Rent a helmet too. Make sure your traveler’s insurance covers you. Then throw yourself into the fray. This is definitely traveling like the locals do.

Take some Traditional Balinese Cooking Lessons while you’re in Bali. These are easily arranged in Denpasar or Ubud. Indonesia is a kaleidoscope of flavors, why not learn how they come together and take some recipes home as souvenirs from your trip?

With architectural wonders, plenty of beaches, jungles and so much more, you’ll never get bored of Indonesia.

If you are not ready to go yet, just check out this photos and let us know how do you feel then…

Photo by: Hetty