Bandung is one of my favourite places in Java and is located in the cool of mountainous areas. It is the capital of West Java and is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and rated the fastest growing city in the country. Most of its residents are Sundanese and the […]

Museums in Bandung: West Java

A vast metropolis and the second largest city in Indonesia as well as being the industrial centre of the archipelago, Surabaya is not frequented by tourists as much as the city administration would like. But, the city has a virtual plethora of attractions and historical places that make Surabaya worthy […]

10 Good Reasons to Visit the City of Heroes: Surabaya, ...

I can still recall the very first time I visited Semarang, the northern coastal in Central Java. It was in the middle of the hot season, the winds blew even hotter and the dust was annoying to the eyes. But, I loved it. It was refreshing to visit and experience […]

Places to Visit in Semarang: Central Java

A lot of my friends have remarked upon visiting Jakarta that it is a polluted and a heinous traffic nightmare. Although there remarks are warranted, nonetheless, Jakarta is a fascinating city to visit and more especially if your interests are in museums and the colonial days of Jakarta under the […]

Jakarta Museum Guide: West Java

There are numerous cities and towns you can visit in the province of Kalimantan and one of my favourites is Banjarmasin. The largest city in Kalimantan, the place is a fascinating labyrinth of canals and waterways offering the visitor some amazing experiences. Many of the waterways are used for travel, […]

Places to Visit in Banjarmasin: Kalimantan

“Come, come … please. You see Museum Kereta (carriage museum),” were the words of a guide at Yogyakarta’s Kraton (palace). He was most insistent that the visitor to the Kraton also came to the nearby Museum Kereta. The walk to the museum is not far and visitors may benefit from […]

Carriage Museum: Yogyakarta, Central Java

Australia is currently sponsoring a three-week workshop and training program at the East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Museum in Kupang to help conserve fragile wooden and bamboo artefacts from Eastern Indonesia. Rare and precious cultural heritage items from Eastern Indonesia are commonly made of wood and bamboo, so it is anticipated […]

Conserving Eastern Indonesian Artefacts

The Museum Le Mayeur in Sanur is definitely a must-see place in Bali for the simple reason that some of Belgian artist Andrien Jean Le Mayeur‘s finest paintings of his lovely wife Ni Pollok, who often modeled for him, are housed here. Located just steps away from Sanur Beach, the […]

Museum Le Mayeur: Sanur, Bali