Vacation Rentals Ireland

One of the easiest ways to save money on your vacation is to get a bunch of friends together and rent a vacation home. The idea of renting a home for your vacation is not new and is rapidly catching all over Europe. You have do the shopping and cooking when you plan to cater for yourself but it surely opens up interesting possibilities; you get to visit the markets (and/or shops) and save money doing so. Plus, you can eat whenever you want and you can make your daily plans according to your own schedule.

What to rent?

Between apartments, houses and cottages, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited.

Apartments are just perfect for couples or a family with children. You can really explore the cities, without any pressure or time limits. They come with kitchens which, if you are a budget traveler, help saving a lot of money by cutting the costs of eating out. Typically, the minimum stay is 7 nights and the prices are quoted per apartment.




Cottages are the perfect choice if you want to explore the countryside. Sure, not every cottage is picture-perfect, but they surely help saving money. They are great whether you travel with your family or with a bunch of friends.

Price tag

Apartments in Dublin start at US$966 per week (7-nights minimum stay) for a 1-bedroom apartment (sleeps 2); 2-bedroom apartments (sleeps 4) start at US$1264 per week. In Galway, 2-bedroom apartments (sleeps 4) start at just US$551 per week; so the price surely depends on the location you choose.

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