Los Angeles accommodations come in many shapes and sizes, from hotels on the glamorous Sunset Strip to the tucked away luxury of Orange County’s beaches to an out-of-sight getaway in the mountains outside the city. There are also budget hostels for a fun and cheap way to tour LA and short-term rentals of houses if you want to truly disappear into the California lifestyle.


Hotels in Los Angeles range from the ultra-luxurious star-studded and ivy-trimmed accommodations with valet parking and tuxedoed bellhops to the local budget hotels in bad neighborhoods with a funny smelling air conditioner and a fight in the parking lot at 2 a.m.
You can find everything in between in Los Angeles and there are a fair number of Super 8’s and Motel 6’s for vacationing families that are happy to rent you a standard hotel room at a fair price.

If you are looking to splurge a little bit, the Sunset-Marquis puts you in the heart of West Hollywood in a Mediterranean-style villa surrounded by a private garden. Designed to be “reminiscent of an elegant guesthouse at a friend’s estate,” the Sunset-Marquis is one of the most exclusive hotels in the city.





For independent travelers, a Los Angeles Hostel might be the smart choice as they are easier to book, easier on your wallet, and are generally located near the things you want to see. Best bets for hostels in Los Angeles are USA Hostels, which put you either on the beach if you choose the Santa Monica location or within walking distance of both Griffith Park and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame if you choose the Hollywood location. USA Hostels also throws in freebies like a comedy show, trips to the Hollywood sign, beach shuttles, and pub-crawls.


Southern California is a popular destination for road-trips from all over the country and a night or two at a campground saves a fair amount of money for the rest of your trip. Camping “around” LA is generally just that, a campground, somewhere near, but decidedly outside the city. The Los Padres National Forest is home to several of the best campgrounds north of LA, and the always-reliable Kampground of America in Los Angeles is located just outside of Pomona only 40 miles from the heart of the city for RV trippers looking to park their camper and unhook that car they’ve been towing around and join the parade of commuters that populate the city every morning.


Life in Los Angeles is all about image and nothing says that you’re a winner better than a killer house with an “I paid a fortune for this” view. For an extended vacation in Los Angeles, a beach house or rental mansion in the hills or on the water may be the best way to enjoy the city like a local and party like a rock-star for as long as you’re in town. Prices can be steep, but pool the pocketbooks of five friends and the thousands of dollars you’re spending each week on lodging may even out over the course of a week-long vacation.

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