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A vacation rental is one of the best ways to stay in Los Angeles in style. It literally gives you all the comforts of (someone else’s) home and you can pick and choose your location within the city. Although you’ll be limited somewhat by your budget, you can find houses from a mansion in the hills with the pool overlooking the Hollywood sign to a modest home at the end of a cul-de-sac with convenient access to Magic Mountain or the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Your location will determine a large part of how you spend your vacation time. Planning on going out clubbing every night? You may want something on Sunset or West Hollywood. Going to spend all of your time on the Beach? Vacation rentals in Huntington Beach or Manhattan Beach are some of the most popular places to go for your vacation and if you’re limited by your budget you can find studio apartments that are rented out for not all that much more than a hotel in a nice part of town.


The price of your vacation rental house depends largely on the quality and location of the home. Studio apartments a mile from the beach will run about $110 dollars a night, but move that same apartment to some beachfront property and you’re looking at more than double that price.




Vacation homes are more expensive and depend even more on location. Houses in Malibu range from $500 to $2,000 a night and many require a seven day minimum for rentals during the peak summer months. Month-long rentals are also common but without much leeway in the price for booking for longer periods of time.

Hollywood rentals range from the hotel-like $200 a night to $1,000 a night for anything up in the hills. Houses are also available in the more prestigious neighborhoods like Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, with prices adjusted like you’re buying a name-brand.

Vacation Rental Resources

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