Cheap Hotels in Cancun

Cancun is a very popular destination on the Mexican Caribbean coast. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Cancun, ranging from budget one star hotels to luxury hotels and anything in between. During the high season — from December to March — the prices increase and drop dramatically during summer and fall. Choose the right hotel for you will come down to location and price.

When the first hotels were constructed here, Cancun was an exclusive resort. Over the years, spending a vacation here became affordable. Cancun is divided into two distinct areas: the hotel zone — an island separated from the mainland — and the town center.

It is possible to find cheap hotels in Downtown or in quieter areas located close to Downtown. In the hotel zone, hotels are more expensive, but during the off season the prices drop a lot and staying in a fancier hotel for low rates is possible. In general, the closer the hotel is to the beach, the more you’ll pay for the room.




Prices for hotel rooms in Cancun vary from season to season. During the low season, you can find rooms from US$50 per night close to the beach. There are plenty of hotel rooms in the US$100 range per night available in the hotel zone during summer and fall. But during the high season, prices start around US$150 per night for rooms in the hotel zones. During the low season, in Downtown Cancun, room rates start as low as US$35 per night , while during the high season rates start at US$57 per room per night.

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