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Mexico is located in North America, between the United States , Guatemala and Belize. It has extensive coastline to the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Much of the travel industry is centered around the beaches but the Mayan sites are also popular. Head to the northern interior and you’ll be able to venture outside the beaten path.

The map of Mexico

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Obviously this is a map for general reference only. If you plan to explore the country by road, make sure to purchase a detailed map of the region you’ll be covering. Many such maps are available for download, but make sure they are updated. Maps you can buy at gas stations in Mexico are also an excellent choice.

If you want to visit the Mayan ruins, this booklet features not only maps of the cities, but also detailed descriptions and photos of the sites.

When planning to visit a city, make sure to have a map of the public transportation which also has the sights marked on it. For example, this detailed map of Mexico City contains all the sites in the center , as well as the streets, museums and everything else you might need.

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