Vacation Rentals in Mexico

When planning a vacation in Mexico, a large part of the budget is assigned to the accommodation. If you want to save some money and enjoy the comfort and privacy, renting a vacation house or apartment is a very good idea. While most of the travelers come to Mexico for the sun and sand, there are other things to do here, as well.

When to rent ?

The high season runs between mid-December until March or even April. Sometimes the high season can start as early as mid-November. The prices are the highest during this time of the year and the destinations are also very crowded. Another high price season is in July and August, during the traditional summer period. Inland, the prices don’t vary that much from season to season, but they rise drastically around Christmas and Easter.

Overall, November might be the best time to visit Mexico. The temperatures are little cooler and the crowds are at minimum. Also, the prices are low.

You should avoid the spring break particularly if you want to travel to beach destinations. It’s crazy busy and quite expensive.




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What to rent ?

The choice of vacation rentals ranges from condos (in Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel) to villas (in Puerto Vallarta). But choosing what to rent can be a challenge if you haven’t done this before. First, provide the best answers for the following questions: how many people will be living together? Are you willing to cook or do you like to eat out? Do you need luxury accommodation or is a decent place enough? What are our plans?

Pay attention to the description of the house. Some condos come with small kitchens (only a microwave and coffee maker) while villas come with fully equipped kitchens.

Typically, the closer to the beach you want to stay, the more you’ll pay. However, deals are available especially during the low season. The prices for a 1-bedroom condo (sleeps 4) in Puerto Vallarta start at $50 per night. In Acapulco, you can rent a 1-bedroom condo (sleeps 4) for prices starting at $80 per night.

Payment issues

It is possible to rent a condo or a house directly on the internet. In order to do that, you need a credit card. There are also sites on which you can rent directly from the owner, but in this case you’ll have to pay by bank transfer which costs more than paying by credit card.

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