Backpacker Hotels

If you have to spend the night in Moshi before or after your climb up Kilimanjaro, here are a few options and reviews. I want to stress that these are not four or five star hotels whatsoever. These cater more to people on a budget, but want something descent, with above average food, some nightlife, and some other options. I wouldn’t take my wife here for a wedding anniversary hotel, but I would use it if I only wanted to spend $20 and have a good time.

Kindoroko Hotel
Right in the center of Moshi Town is the Kindoroko hotel. It has a great roof top bar, great bamboo bar downstairs, internet services, etc. Rooms are around $20, and are descent, above average for Tanzania. It’s kind of a loud party place at night time, with lots of backpackers, locals, music, etc. It would be a 3 star kind of hotel, but still a great place to meet people, get quality food (on Tanzanian standards). It’s right in the center of town, so it’s loud in the morning from the buses, but is right in the center of the city. There are lots of people near the hotel that pester you to buy safaris, carvings, tanzanite, etc. I have had things stolen at this hotel. I am not saying it’s bad, I am just saying keep your money and expensive items with you. The service here is not always the best, but if you want a party scene and to meet loads of other travelers, it probably would be here. They have a great morning breakfast on the rooftop that is included in the price of the hotel. Sometimes the mosque two blocks away will wake up during the morning prayers.

Ameg Lodge Hotel
This is outside of Moshi, so you would have to take a taxi maybe a few miles, but it’s very quiet, very secure, has a swimming pool, good bar, and is run by an Indian family. There is good food. Rooms would probably be more expensive than in the city but the hotel is nice, clean, and has amenities. It’s a long walk to Moshi town, so you would have to take taxis. This is near the expat part of town, called Shanty Town. There are some other good restaurants out here.

Here is a list of some other hostels in Tanzania.




Other places to stay in Moshi:

DaCosta Hotel
If you want to spend $10 a night, check out the Da Costa Hotel, about 1 block down from the Kindoroko Hotel. It’s has a roof top bar and can be packed at night.

It’s safe, secure, and is on the edge of town, about a 10 minute walk from the city center. The rooms and food are boring, but it has a good swimming pool with a diving board, which is great for when it’s super hot and you need to relax from the city. I think they have a night curfew.

Buffalo Hotel

Lots of backpackers stay at the Buffalo Hotel. It’s one block off the main strip, and has good prices, good food, but kind of just a boring stale room.

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