Climbing a mountain for charity

Hundreds of climbing groups per year climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for a cause. The causes range from from aid’s awareness, money for cancer research to countless children’s organziation spanning the globe. Since climbing the highest mountain in Africa is a major feat, many use this goal to raise money for these humanitarian or social causes. Here is a recent story published.

Climbing a mountain for charity
by Juan Ameen

“The difficulty is not only climbing the mountain, but the mental and physical preparation beforehand and collecting the funds,” said Alec Sultana, leader of the Kilimanjaro Challenge at the official launch of the Kilimangaro Challenge 2 (KC2).




The target of this year’s KC2 is to raise another Lm38,000 to build a convent adjacent to the school built with the funds collected from the first Kilimangaro Challenge. This year’s group consists of 24 volunteers who come from all walks of life and a variety of age groups. Architects, doctors, archaeologists, business people and full time employees, with their ages ranging from the early twenties to early fifties, are working to achieve this year’s target.

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