Fill My Stomach

After 6 to 8 days of trekking on Kilimanjaro, you will get down from the mountain and be super tired, sore and really, really hungry – ready for some food that is different than the typical starchy mountain food.

If you want to treat yourself, there are two places that I recommend in Moshi Town, although both take some time to find and you should probably just take a taxi to find it the first time.

If you want a really good meal for cheap, go to the Steak House. You can get something that tastes, like a steak, but isn’t the size that you would find in the US. It’s the only steak I have seen in Tanzania that wasn’t at a high end hotel. It’s kind of small, but still very good, and they have different choices of steaks. The Tanzanian guy who started the restaurant apparently lived in Austria for a few years, and the places is decorated with Volkswagen memorobilia. A year ago, the steak were $3 each at the time and it comes with chips. Ask anyone around town, and you should get directions. You will not find this by walking around town. Expect to wait for a long time.




The other great place is the Sikh Club located next to the train station. It’s an Indian restaurant that serves some of the best Indian food in Tanzania. The people are very nice, the meals cost at the most $4 per plate, and they have a very wide range of choices. It’s definitely one of a few places that people go to in town.

Other than that, there are a few other places around town that serve: chicken and rice, or chicken and chips, or chicken and something, but in general, food in Tanzanian is nothing to write home about. The Chrisburger serves fast food – burgers, fries, fish, chicken sandwiches.