Kilimanjaro Marathon

If you aren’t interested in climbing Kilimanjaro or want to participate in other events on the mountain, here are two very interesting training events.

The first one is the Kilimanjaro Marathon, which takes every place in February. I think this is the fourth year of the event, and each year, it gets bigger with more international runners. While many foreigners come to participate in the event, there are also many Kenya and Tanzanians who run in the event too. This is a great way to run through the countryside of Tanzania, seeing little villages, and amazing views of Kilimanjaro.

Also, the other intense, insane, bad ass event is the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge. There is no other adventure trip in East Africa to top this.With only 60 people allowed to enter, the participants have to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Then, they have to ride for 2 days around the mountain for about 280km /170 miles.Take into consideration that the mountains and rolling valleys of Kilimanjaro are enormous. Afterwards, when you get back from the mountain bike ride – you have to run a marathon. Yes, you have to run a marathon.




Take into consideration that the climbing part of Kilimanjaro is mandatory, but it’s not a race. You should never race up this high on any mountain. When you get off the mountain, which usually takes 6 to 8 days, then you have exactly five days to do the bicycle portion and run the marathon.

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