Madhu Reddy

I’m a dreamer.The day I saw Gregory Peck in the
Hemmingway novel about “Snows of Kilimajaro” I knew I
had to see this mountain. Don’t think I ever thought
about climbing it…but now I will.

Little ol’ me was born in the Deccan town of Hyderabad
in India. Grew up in Goa before it became a
backpackers have…landed in the concrete jungles of
Los Angeles one autumn day..made San Francisco Bay
Area home a year later. That was nearly 13 years
ago.My heart is spilt…a part in India and the other
in San Francisco.




I could tell you more about myself ..give more
details…send a pic along with this Bio…but I
really really can’t. This Libra girl comes out of the
witness protection program only in Dec. Till then…

37.Bridgette and Me-2.JPG