Sean E. Keener

Sean grew up in Chicago, Illinois and began his journey in 1994 with a year of study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. His studies and travels there inspired him as he met travellers from all over the world. He quickly learned that a holiday can be more than 1 week next to the pool in warm weather. Following his return to Chicago and graduation from University, he departed 1996 on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland with 3 Australian friends.

He has since continued his journey alone through countries such as Ireland, France, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Tibet, Kazakstan, and his native United States. Sean is known for his limitless enthusiasm, voracious appetite for learning, an uncanny resemblance to Silent Bob, and a habit of exposing his bollocks in public places. Sean’s boots are “Dexter’s” and have proved amazingly resilient to the point of having to be re-soled, twice.

Sean hopes to continue his travels in the near future, but for now will have to be content watching and reading about others. He dreams of someday sailing around the world, stopping at ports for months on end, reading, discovering, and learning from people without time and money constraints (Don’t we all!).