Shut the F$#@ Up!

Imagine yourself at 15,000 ft on Kilimanjaro, tucked away into your tent at night, listening to only the silence outside and preparing for another day of Kilimanjaro’s trail. You are relaxing, thinking good thoughts, and everything is peaceful and solitude at camp.

Actually it’s quite the opposite.

If you are on the Marangu or Machame route in the busy time of year, which is when most people climb, each night you are in a designated camping area, one that can encompass hundreds and hundreds of people. There are a sea of tents and people through the camping areas.




There are people yelling, singing, people snoring, pots and pans rattling, porters arguing with each other (at least it sounds like arguing) and many people talk late into the night. You tent is maybe just 20 to 50 feet away. One thing is for sure, it sure isn’t quiet.

If you want to relax on Kilimanjaro, you need to bring earplugs for the night. It will be much easier to sleep – and sleep, rest is one thing you need on the mountain. So don’t forget your earplugs.