Sleeping Bags on Kilimanjaro

Packing a sleeping bag to Tanzania is kind of pain in the butt. It takes up too much room in your backpack, and besides on Kilimanjaro (and maybe a few instances on safari), it’s not something you need in your day to day travels around the country. Usually on safari, and elsewhere around the country, it’s warm enough to get buy each night with a light sleep sheet or a very thin blanket. This obviously is for people who travel around the country in the dry seasons.

All of this all goes out the door when it comes to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Since Kilimanjaro is a snowy mountain and it becomes colder the higher you climb, you should bring a quality sleeping bag for your climb. Generally speaking, the temperature changes are dramatic, with it becoming very warm in the day, and very bone chilling cold at night.




Picking and bringing a quality sleeping bag can be the difference of having a good time or having a miserable time.

You sleeping bag should bring something compact, lightweight, in a compression sack, and still in the 10+ to O range. It should be goose down, not bulky, with a lightweight nylon shell, not cotton. Since many people don’t have, and can’t afford expensive mountain sleeping bags, it’s very important to bring thermal underwear to wear inside your bag, with an extra change of warm hats, socks, gloves, protecting your extremities while you sleep.