I often receive the question, what happens if someone gets sick and needs to descent from the mountain. Well, typically, and it depends upon each situation, there are assistant guides that walk the person to a lower elevation, depending upon his or her condition. Here is a video of someone […]

Altitude Sickness

This is an amusing video some guys made for their climb up Kilimanjaro. They have funny excerpts with George Bush answering questions about the climb! It’s a good laugh, good music and well worth the watch.

Funny Kilimanjaro Video

I have been patiently waiting for the arrival of this Mt. Kilimanjaro video. A few years ago, we took a huge group of people to climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro – and now we finally have a great video – full of candid moments, interviews, amazing pictures of the mountains, the […]

Watch Our Kilimanjaro Video Climb

If you are interested in seeing pictures of the city and the people of Tanzania, this is a good slide show/video. This is 100 percent Tanzania and what to expect on the street. The music is kind of weird, I think it’s like Christian rock or some church group who […]

Random Video Tanzania