Why increase prices in Tanzania?

Although it seems like prices for Tanzania – to climb Kilimanjaro and go on safari – are already expensive, there is a long-term, sustainable reason for the increase. In the last 10 years, the number of tourists climbing the mountain have doubled, adding 25,000 on the mountain each year. The same is true for safaris.

This article, Bid To Preserve Tanzanian Heritage, on Mt. Kilimanjaro makes you understand the reasoning behind the increase. I am a firm believe that about 90 percent of the Tanzanian travelers go to the same three places – and that the rest of the country is way under utilized. Go climb Mt. Meru instead of Kilimanjaro, go on safari in the Selous, instead of Serengetti, and visit Pemba or Mafia Islands instead of Zanzibar. There are trillions of other places like this – the beauty of the country is the people, the landscapes and the animals. They don’t all live in one spot!