Why Travel to Nepal

Nepal is a magnificent country to discover, has many wildlife reserves, incredibles mountains, flamboyant cities and warm people. What else can we ask for? It gathers a lot of different cultures, languages and religions, so it’s a very interesting destination for every kind of traveler.

What to do in Nepal

Let’s state the obvious, shall we? Nepal is the best place in the world to trek. There’s just nothing like the high Himalayas. Nothing. You know you want to do the Annapurna. Don’t wait an go for it!

There are at least 6 Ways to Experience Pokhara. My bet is that you’ll find a dozen more when you get there.




I’m sure you’re aware that Kathmandu is full of tea houses and everything needed to launch a trek into the wilderness. Along with that comes a thriving backpacker ghetto, with the associated wild nightlife.

If you’re looking for A Very Different Nepal, head south, away from the mountains, and you’ll find subtropical forests, grasslands and abundant agriculture. Quite a contrast to the sharp, northern, peaks.

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