New York City is made up of boroughs and each borough consists of neighborhoods. This is also the case of Manhattan, probably the most popular New York borough. Home to the Wall Street, Central Park, Broadway and Madison Avenue, Manhattan is recognized by millions just by looking at its skyline.

How to get to Manhattan

If you land on JFK, then you’ll be taking Air Tran to get to Manhattan . This service has been available since 2003 and has offered a cheaper and faster way to get from the most important airport in the area to the heart of New York City.

Newark Liberty International Airport, located in the west of New York City, is connected by bus to Newark Penn Station. And from there you can take the subway to get to Manhattan. AirTran Newark is another option to get to Manhattan via Penn Station.

From LaGuardia Airport there’s the metrobus to get to Manhattan. It’s the cheapest and the slowest way to travel to the borough. The New York Airport ExpressBus links to Penn Station.

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New York City has a humid continental climate. The summers are hot and humid, while the winters are cold. Autumns are dry and the springs are quite damp.
The average high temperature in January is 38.2F/3.4C and the average low is 25.6F/-3.6C; during summer, the average high temperature in July is 84.3F/29.1C, while the average low is 68.2F/23.1C.




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It’s a known fact that New York is an expensive city to visit. However, you don’t need to dig deep into your bank account if you know how to look for accommodation and flights.
Make sure to check the hotel prices in various neighborhoods . Sure, anyone wants to stay in Midtown or the Upper West Side, but there are plenty other areas to look for a hotel.
Should you want to stay right in the heart of everything, look for hostels near Times Square .

When it comes to flights, look for airfare into all three airports serving the area. As much as possible, book your flight ahead of time (4-6 weeks in advance) and avoid flying during the weekends. Also, avoid the peak travel seasons (mid-summer and the winter holidays).

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What to do

When it comes to writing down a list of the things to do in Manhattan you’ll probably run out of paper rather than out of ideas. From art galleries, to museums, to theaters and cinemas , there is no shortage of finding something to fill your time.

But since we all know New York is an expensive place to visit, sprinkle some free things to do while you are here. Take a walk in Times Square and soak up the atmosphere. With a camera in hand and a map in your backpack, walk on Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge and other well known landmarks. Or , put on your walking shoes and explore Central Park .

Take a ferry to Ellis Island and also make sure to see Lady Liberty .

Photo credits: New York Skyline ; Central Park

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