Public Transportation

How to get around Hong Kong efficiently.

Hong Kong was visited by a typhoon, Prapiroon, which threw the air traffic situation into total chaos. Hundreds of flights were cancelled or diverted. Thousands of people spent the night at the airport. The Hong Kong Observatory hoisted a number 3 signal instead of a number 8. Their criteria had […]

Back in Hong Kong: Missed the Chaos

Visit!!!!!!!!!! “Visit what?” you ask. Well, not the usual tourist traps but rather the outlying islands, 221 of which are uninhabited and a number of which are barely inhabited. I’ll start with the three most popular and then talk about the others in a subsequent posting. Lantau Lantau is the […]

Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #7A

Ride!!!! “Ride what?” you ask. Let’s start with one of Hong Kong’s icons, the Star Ferry. For HK$2.30 (US$0.30) or free if you are over 60, you can ride the ferry back and forth across the harbor. As long as you don’t get off, you can make the trip as […]

Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #4

Fourth in a continuing series. There are just a few other comparisons between the two places that need to be made. One is the ease with which people can move around the city. Singapore has wide streets that make walking a pleasure. Hong Kong’s streets, on the other hand, are […]

Hong Kong Versus Singapore – Getting Around and Getting Along

I recently had the opportunity to show a couple of first time visitors around Hong Kong. They were connecting to a cruise and so had only a day and a half. Additionally, the weather was hot and extremely muggy, a condition they were not used to. What to do? What […]

Being a Tourist Guide In Your Own Home Town (HK ...

Four days until the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. The Peak Tower is going to be made part of the nightly “Festival of Lights” when it re-opens sometime this summer. It has been undergoing a substantial revitalization, which, without messing with the original “wok” design, will provide more interior viewing area, […]

Changes On Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak