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New York is one of the most sought-after destinations in the United States and in the world. Known for the historical sites, excellent theaters and a thriving fashion industry, the Big Apple draws millions of visitors each year. But don’t forget to step outside the city and enjoy the countryside.

1. Northeastern BLT

This 9-days tour covers Canada and the United States. The tour starts in the New York Area: visit Buffalo and New York City. Then it’s time to go the Niagara Falls and continue to Toronto. The tour takes you next to Montreal and then Stowe, the Ski Capital of the East. Now it’s time to visit Boston and then return to the New York area.

$1469 per person. Book now

2. Atlantic Dream ex New York

This 14-days tour starts in the New York area and explores the United States. From New York, you’ll travel to Washington DC to explore the capital and then it’s time for the Appalachian Mountains. Continue south to Tennessee and Alabama , where you’ll spend some time in nature. Then it’s off to New Orleans , with its spectacular jazz scene and good food. Spend some time on the beach and then explore the rest of the Florida Coast before heading to Orlando. Disneyland and Sea World awaits their visitors, regardless of their age! The tour ends in Miami.

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3. USA & Canada Express

This 15-days tour explores Canada and the United States. It starts in New York and you have a day to explore the city. Then it’s off to Washington DC for a touch of history. Now, you’ll relax in nature when visiting the Algonquin Provincial Park, before heading to Ottawa and Montreal. Then you’ll visit Quebec City and another park. On day 12, it’s time to explore Boston , then Cape Cod and Clinton before going back to New York. Next on the list is Niagara Falls , followed by Toronto, where the tour ends.

$1590 per person. Book now

4. Southerner ex New York

This 21-days tour explores the United States. It starts in the New York Area and then you’ll visit Washington DC. Now it’s time to go to the Appalachian Mountains before going to Nashville, the center of the American country music. Then visit Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis. After country and rock, it’s time to go to New Orleans for some jazz and good food. Texas and its national parks are waiting for you. Feel the Wild West in Tombstone and then go to Monument Valley. Explore the Grand Canyon and then try your luck in Las Vegas. Don’t forget about the Death Valley before heading to Los Angeles for your flight back home.

$2139 per person. Book now

5. Tours within NYC

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