3 Reasons to visit New Zealand

In our opinion, New Zealand is the best place in the world for independent travel.  It’s clean, safe, easy, english speaking, and spans the gamut from the temperate north to penguins and glaciers in the south. It’s the perfect mix of cosmopolitan cities, quaint small towns and truly backcountry wild adventure.

If you’re looking for adventure and new experiences, New Zealand is the place for you to go, so don’t hesitate…

Here are three reasons to visit New Zealand 

Outdoor Adventure

If you’re into outdoor adventures then you’re going to fall in love with the South Island. Start with the 7 Stunning Lakes of the South Island and branch out from there.

Renting a campervan and taking the back roads and byways is by far, the best way to get off of the beaten path in New Zealand. You can rent, but you’ll be limited in your camping options. Buy, or arrange a private rental to maximize value and possibilities.




Learn about the Sex Lives of Glowworms in Waitomo. Yep. Really. Plus, it’s a really cool underwater cave-boat tour. Kinda spooky!

Explore the Franz Joseph Glacier on the South Island… and the Fox Glacier too!

The Cities

On the south island you don’t want to miss Queenstown. This is the place to luge down the mountain, bungee jump off of the original bridge, jet boat, screaming fast, down the river, or take a slow chug across the lake in a steamboat to visit a working sheep farm. It’s touristy, but it’s great. Be sure to have a Ferg Burger.

Christchurch is a no brainer. While it’s true that it’s not what it was before the big quakes and reconstruction is taking longer than anyone anticipated, it’s still a fantastic place to spend a few days. Check out the phoenix rising from the downtown ashes in the form of the container mall and the weekly farmer’s market.

Wellington is the country’s capital, and my favourite city of them all. Be sure to visit Te Papa. It’s a serious contender for the best museum I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to most of the world’s biggest. Tour the Parliament, don’t worry it’s cooler than it sounds! Hang out in the botanical gardens and marvel at the ferns that exist nowhere else in the world.

Auckland is the place to be if you’re looking for cosmopolitan in New Zealand. It’s the big city on the North Island. The greatest concentration of population in the country, and the place you’ll find museums, tourist attractions, and the embassies of major countries. Spend some time checking out the yachts in the harbour and sampling seafood along the wharf.


New Zealand is becoming a major player in the wine world. Check out the 9 World Class Wine Regions of the island and get yourself a taste of some of their best.

The history of the first people of New Zealand, the Maori, is fascinating and integral part of understanding the culture of the islands. Be sure to spend some time learning about the origins and traditions of the Maori beyond Kia Ora.

Begin with the ABCs of Traveling in New Zealand and start planning for the adventure of a lifetime!

Photo by: Karen Plimmer

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