Tourism New Zealand

glacierNew Zealand is very popular among adventure travelers looking to explore the untamed nature. It’s also a favorite destination for backpackers.

New Zealand doesn’t lack activities for any type of traveler: it has the beaches for those wanting to relax or engage in water sports, it has the nature for those looking to explore nature or just go on a lovely hike, it has the history and many more.

When to visit

Deciding when you visit New Zealand is pretty much a personal choice. Whenever you have time, hop on the airplane and get here. However, if you don’t know what you want to do here, the following information might help you take a decision:



  • the warmest months of the year are between September and April, with the highest temperatures being recorded in January and February
  • if you want to do some skiing head for the ski resorts in July or August (peak season)
  • spring — September to November- and autumn — March to May — are awesome for visiting the cities

What to do

Tours are the easiest way to explore a country, a region or a city. City tours, biking tours, 4 x 4 self drive tours, white water rafting, hiking on a glacier are just a few of the activities you can do once you get to New Zealand.

Tour a vineyard, explore an old gold mine, stay at a farm, soak in the sun, ski, surf, dive…all can be done in New Zealand.

Looking for less adventurous things to do? No problem! Head to a rugby stadium and watch a game.

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