Tours New Zealand

city tour NZTours are an incredible way to visit a country or a city. There are tours for any type of budget and for any type of traveler. If you like to enjoy sightseeing one of the New Zealand’s beautiful cities without having to map your own route, city tours are the best alternative. If you plan to be active, adventure tours are the way to go!

City Tours

It takes quite a bit of planning and research if you want to explore the full potential of a city. No matter what you do, you’d still miss something. So, the best way to enjoy a worry-free sightseeing experience is to take a city tour.

When you check into your hotel in New Zealand make sure to ask if they can recommend a company which organizes city tours. If you visit Wellington, go to Civic Square at the Information Center and ask for a brochure with a lot of ideas for self guide walks.

In the same location you’ll find tour buses which take tourists to the Trust Bank Ferry at Queens wharf where they can take a ferry across the harbor.




If you want to explore the capital’s history, take one of the tour buses which leave from Wellington Railway Station. There are several tours available with prices ranging from NZ$40/adult if you choose to go on a 2 ½ hours Wellington City Sights & Coastline to NZ$150/adult if you take a full day Palliser Bay Seal Colony & Lord of the Rings Tour.

If you visit Auckland, not only can you enjoy the sights, but you can mix in some adventure by taking day tours to one of the nice destinations near-by. Prices are a bit high though. If you want to take a day tour to Auckland’s Untamed Great Barrier Island you’ll pay NZ$540/adult but if you want to learn how to surf it would only cost you little under NZ$50/adult.

Adventure Tours

adventure tourNew Zealand is one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations for adventure travel. No wonder that there are numerous tours available: from bike rides and self guided 4 x 4 self drive tours to white water rafting tours and everything else in between.

If you want to explore the wild nature on your own, you can choose a 4 x 4 self drive tour. You are given maps and detailed itineraries, accommodation is included in the price of the tour and some meals are also included. Details however are available only upon request on the company’s page.

If you like adventure, embark in a 8/9 days tours of the New Zealand West Coast. The tour starts in Queenstown or Christchurch and includes bike rides, hiking, sailing, skydiving, white water rafting and many other exciting activities to choose from. Prices start at NZ$630/person (renting the bike, tent, camping and food are not included).