Vacation Rentals New Zealand

One of the easiest ways to save money on vacation is to gather a bunch of friends and rent a vacation home together. Self catering will save money. Plus you get to know the locals when you do all your shopping at the markets or stores. The downside is that you’ll have to cook at least some meals if you really want to save money. But staying in a vacation home also means you’ve got the freedom to create your own program. You are not stuck in a hotel with set hours for meals and curfews.

What region to choose?

There are loads of vacations home to rent in New Zealand and each is unique. However, with a bit of research you’ll find the perfect one for the vacation.

Most tourists are looking to stay right on the beach. But there’s much more to New Zealand than just surf and beach. The outdoors activities are numerous, ranging from hiking, biking, kite-surfing and bungee jumping.

If you are planning your first visit in New Zealand, consider the Auckland region. It offers both a rugged west coast and sandy beaches on the east coast. Plus the city has an excellent lifestyle and there are plenty of things to do.

If you want an English city-like experience, then Christchurch is the choice for you. The main square cathedral is in old English style and the temperatures change according to season.




Pricing and other technical details

It is very easy to book a vacation home on line. The large sites gather offers from private owners, so that future guests can choose bed and breakfasts, farmstays and homestays. They also have special deals available and it’s worth it to sign up for their offers months before you plan to travel.

The first thing to consider is whether you want to rent a home or an apartment. If you travel with your kids, it’s probably best to look for an apartment, while if you travel with a group of friends choose a house. The prices vary a lot according to location and amenities.

You can rent a one bedroom apartment in Auckland for $80AUD per night; but with a bit of search you can also find 3-bedroom home for prices starting at $90AUD per night. Large houses (4-5 bedrooms) start at $150AUD per night. In general, renting a home or apartment is more expensive in the large cities and very popular vacation destinations rather than in smaller ones and/or more remote locations.

Here are some sites that can help with booking a vacation rental:

VRBO, Vacations with more room.

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