Loved for the interesting Machu Picchu and challenging trekking opportunities, Peru is a wonderful country where you can spend your vacation without ever getting bored. In the pages of WhyGo Peru we’ll try to cover both the very popular tourist destinations and those tucked away places which wait to be discovered.

Lima : Peru’s capital and the largest city in the country offers a lot of places to visit, most of them located downtown. There’s also an Inca archeological site located close to the city.

Cusco : the former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is filled with buildings dating from that era. There are also museums and galleries to check out.




Machu Picchu : this incredible Inca site is located close to Cusco and is easily accessible via Inca trail. Plan to visit the site in May or June.

Trekking in Peru is a must for everyone who enjoys being in the nature. The spectacular scenery and the archeological sites make trekking here a special activity. Make sure to learn about the difficulty of the treks before attempting to tackle any of them.

Nazca Lines : one of the world’s biggest mysteries is found near Nazca and has been recently declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fly over the lines to be dazzled by the drawings.

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