Hostels in Peru

hostel in peruWhile the hotels in Peru cost anything from cheap to very expensive, hostels are the best option if you are a budget traveler. Cheapest beds cost as low as US$4 per night while the “more expensive” private rooms cost at most US$20 per night.

Need to know

Hostels generally cater for the young energetic budget traveler who loves to socialize. These travelers book beds in dorms without even thinking twice about it. However, lately, hostels started to cater for those who want a bit of privacy as well by offering private rooms. While the price is a fraction of the hotel room’s price, you will benefit from some of the facilities offered in a hotel (privacy being the most important).

Not all hostels are the same. Some are known to be “party hostels” while some offer a more “serious” atmosphere. Make sure to read the reviews before booking because the lat thing you want is to end up in a place where you can’t sleep because of the partying.

If you want to stay in a dorm, take into account that you’ll be sharing a room with other people (and their nocturnal habits, as well).

The cheapest beds are always those in dorms but they also book up pretty quickly, especially during the high season. Make sure to book well in advance, although this won’t exactly save any money (but hey, when a bed costs US$4 per night, what discount should one expect?)




Worth trying


The Point Cusco

It is considered the best hostel in Cusco and is located right in the center of the city. It offers internet access and self catering facilities. It is considered a party hostel with a relaxed atmosphere. In June, the bed prices range from US$8 per night for a bed in a 12 beds dorm and US$11 per night for a bed in a 6 beds dorm. Breakfast is included in the bed price.

Hospedaje Kuntur Wasi

This hostel is located in the picturesque district of San Blas in Cusco. The hostel offers self-catering facilities, washing machines for the guests to use and also internet access. There are only private rooms available. During June, an ensuite private double room or an ensuite private triple room costs US$13 per night per person


The Inka Lounge Hostel

This hostel is located at short distance from Lima’s touristy area, Miraflores. Water sports are also available near-by (surfing and paragliding). There are self-catering facilities but the breakfast is not included in the price. In June expect to pay US$9.83 per night per person in a private double room and US$6.88 per night for a bed in a mixed 3 or 7 beds dorm.


Hospedaje Brabant Hostel

This small hotel opened in mid-2007 and is one of the two hostels available for tourists in Nazca. There is a restaurant and internet access. Breakfast costs US$1.50 per person. The airport pick up is included in the price. In June expect to pay US$5.00 per night per person in a private room and US$4.00 per night per bed in a 4 beds dorm.

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