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machu picchuTours are an incredible way to visit a country or a region. And it’s very true when we talk about Peru. Considering that one cannot trek independently on Inca Trail, all tours related to the trail and Machu Picchu are very popular among tourists.

City tours

Cusco is the former capital of the Inca Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of things to see in Cusco so if you don’t fancy rushing from place to place and not knowing where to start, you can book a tour. A five hour tour in Cusco costs US$10 per person, without the entrance tickets to some of the landmarks. You will also need to buy the tourist ticket but everything adds up to about 100 soles at most.

Adventure and jungle tours

Most often the jungle tours are on Inca Trail and end at Machu Picchu. A 3 days tour on the short Inca Trail costs US$255 per person (plus the entrance fee to Machu Picchu, meals and accommodation).




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Other adventure tours include cycling tours, bungee jumping and horseback riding tours. An all day cycling tour, with the equipment provided by the company, costs US$65 per person and doesn’t include the drinks (but includes lunch). You’ll be picked up at the hotel in Cusco and the cycling tour takes place at the four lagoons.

A horseback riding tour costs US$25 per person and includes the transport to the ranch, the horse and the guide (unfortunately not an English speaker). It doesn’t include the tourist ticket you need to visit the archeological ruins of Sacsayhuaman.

Other tours

Other interesting tours include those exploring the wildlife. The prices vary a lot and depend on the type of accommodation and other services offered. Generally prices are available upon request.

Peru is also a very romantic destination, perfect for those who want to spend their honeymoon here. The tours and prices vary according to what the tour comprises (accommodation, excursions and other facilities).

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